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E-liquid Vaping

The Definitive Guide to Vaping

Commonly, vaping involves heating flavoured liquid, also known as juice or simply “e-liquid”. Vaping can be a minefield, from the numerous devices to the varied terminology to the vast array of e liquids you can vaporize, pretty much all you may need to know can be found here in this comprehensive guide to all things vape related.


What exactly is Vaping?

Well, vaping is the alternative to smoking tobacco whereby e liquids are heated to produce a vapour then inhaled by the user. With e-liquid vaping you are essentially vaporizing flavoured propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine to produce a vapour cloud, with the addition of liquid nicotine should the user add this. 

What is a Vape?

A vape is the device that enables the vaporizing. There are tons of vapes or “mods” / “box mods” as they are sometimes called, “mod” is short for battery modification.  There are box mods, mod kits,  vape pens, pod systems etc. Mods look like a taser and are what a huge percentage of the vaping community use, you would usually step up to a box mod after first using a lower powered vape pen but now the use of pod systems is well on the up by people making the switch from cigarettes. 


What can i put into a vape?


You can smoke/vape flavoured e-liquid, CBD e-liquids and the ever increasingly popular nic salts. E-liquids start at 0mg of nicotine (nicotine free) and can go up to 18mg. High nicotine strength e-liquids can be very harsh to vape and so more and more smokers wishing to quit are now using the flavoured nicotine salts as they have a high nicotine content but are much more smoother on the throat.


What is this Popcorn lung thing?

Obliterative bronchiolitis is the medical term for popcorn lung, it is a type of irreversible lung disease that can, in severe cases require lung transplants.

The name popcorn lung came about after an incident at a popcorn factory in the US. Some employees there were diagnosed with obliterative bronchiolitis which they had contracted through working with diacetyl which is used in flavourings.

Diacetyl is also found in some e-liquids, so it pays to be wary about what you are buying.


Are battery operated vapes safe to use?

Batteries used in vape mods are lithium-ion, these type of batteries can be subject to thermal runaway. When the batteries are overcharged, overheated, or punctured they build energy rapidly until they explode. Using top-quality batteries and knowing what voltage they ought to be charged at will significantly reduce instances of them exploding, on top of that all “boxmods” are regulated to cut out if needed.


What is a mod vape again?


  • Battery Mod: This is the box that you hold, most are dual battery but some smaller ones only have 1 battery and some bigger have 3. Usually the batteries will be the 18650 type rechargeables. All the vapes power controls are found on the box mod.
  • Tank: The tank holds the e-liquid. Tanks in the UK are now regulated at a 2ml liquid capacity, but some include extension glass to up the capacity to 6ml.
  • Coils: The coil is the heating element, they comes in a variety of ohm resistances starting as low at .15 ohm and going up above 1.8 ohms. Coils contain cotton, the e-liquid soaks the cotton and the batteries in the mod heat the coil element to produce the vapour.
  • Drip Tip/Mouthpiece: The tip that you inhale from. Most tips are plastic but you can get glass or metal ones also.
  • Atomizer: Many people don’t want to mess around with finding a specific tank, coil and drip tip. Atomizers are all four components sold together in one piece.